Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming Back To Life

Dear friends and fellow travelers,

It has almost been a year since I wrote my last blog post. And to add insult to my moribund blog, I deleted all my previous blog entries out of frustration last month. But here I am, back again. I would need all your support and encouragement. Just as before, I will continue to share my abstract thoughts with you.


Lazy Madman

P.S: From here on, you can refer to me as Supertramp as well.


Asha Tampa said...

Welcome back, tramp!!! We look forward to more abstract posts from you! ;-)

Neeraj said...

Thanks Asha! I hope I live up to my words. Amen!

Datsme said...

Knock knock...what happened to coming back to life??

tina rathore said...

hello Neeraj. thanks for the encouraging comment.
deleted your blog posts? well..can't say much to that. welcome back...would love to read your posts