Monday, February 8, 2010

Son-shine never comes...

Mama, I am just a grass that will never flower,
No matter how much water you shower,
A rose is an object of beauty,
But even grass performs its duty...
A rose is a rose is a rose is what I know
But even grass has its natural glow

Mama, please don’t fill me with poison,
It just kills my horizon.
I remember everything that you say,
But let me find my way.

Mama let my heart go,
Mama let your son grow....
At times, I'll surely fumble,
But that only makes me humble

Mama, I know the cries of your heart is for a sun
But I am just a son,
And son- shine never comes.


Alina said...

This is a beautiful poem :)
I like the words a lot.

Have a special day :)

Neeraj said...

Thanks Alina for ur kind words, and of course, welcome to my blog...


Datsme said...

Who says Sunshine never comes!?!
Here it is.

Datsme said...

Super poem. Too much love and care can also stifle your growth at times.

Neeraj said...

@datsme: dats actually true,,,really true...:)

Asha Tampa said...

Beautiful lines! Never knew you were a poet, too! ;-)

Neeraj said...

@asha: Thanks a ton:-)